Bad for Progress

Portland's come a long way over the years, and our city keeps getting better. But implementing Rent Control will slam the brakes on progress. This reckless and extreme referendum will make Portland less safe, more expensive to live in, and will discourage the creation of new, affordable housing for those who need it most.

Bad for Taxpayers

Rent Control will cause a massive decrease in the values of rental properties, shifting more of Portland's tax burden onto homeowners. This extreme referendum also creates a new taxpayer-funded bureaucracy responsible for more than 18,000 rental units in Portland, and puts additional burdens on Portland's public safety infrastructure. 

Bad for Portland

The Rent Control referendum will NOT lower rental costs - for anyone. It will hurt lower-income Portlanders by making affordable housing harder to come by. Rent Control has failed over and over again, and has made New York, San Francisco, and many other rent-controlled cities among the most expensive in the country.


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