Bad for affordable housing

Question 1 will discourage the development of affordable housing for lower-income renters. It will make it nearly impossible to remove dangerous tenants -- like drug dealers. And it will create a rental market that favors high-income earners.

A bureaucratic nightmare

Question 1 will require a whole new city government to keep track of rental prices, increases, and registrations.  It sets up an all-volunteer board to handle rent increase and eviction disputes for more than 18,000 rental units in Portland. And no matter how much damage Question 1 does, it can't be fixed or repealed by City Council for five years.

A policy from away that's done damage wherever it's been tried.

Rent controls have caused skyrocketing rents in cities that have tried it -- like San Francisco and New York. Portland needs common-sense housing policy, not ill-conceived plans based on on failed out-of-state experiments. 

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